Awesome Ubud

After our introduction to Bali via Canggu it was great to move inland and experience something completely different.

Ubud was our next stop, and what a next stop it was.

We were living within a family community during our time there. This gave a real insight into the lives of the Balinese, which was amazing. They are such happy and welcoming people. They are very resourceful and are able to fashion something useful out of what looks like nothing.

The rest of our time in this area was spent exploring temples, rice fields and the surrounding landscape.

A highlight was a visit to the Monkey Forest. Certainly an appropriate name, with more monkeys than people at times. It was amazing to watch these monkeys up close, their human like mannerisms were uncanny.  We were amazed by how twitchy the monkeys were and the speed with which they could move.  Thankfully we escaped without any monkeys jumping on us or biting us unlike some people.

Edd did exceptionally well driving on a scooter through the crazy lanes of Ubud, thankfully I just had to cling on the back and direct.  This was where I decided to try a scooter for the first time and we found an abandoned building site.  After Edd’s thorough explanation of how to use the scooter it was my turn.  All seemed to be going well until I tried to turn round the corner, the more I turned the faster the bike seemed to go.  I decided it was time to abort and jumped off the bike, thankfully just bruising my leg a little. 

Ubud Market was a chaotic plethora of stalls and people. Everything imaginable was being sold here and it was great fun bartering with the locals in order to buy things.  Looking back I wish we had bought a few more cheap goods here.

It was here that when driving along the lanes we first saw rice being dried on massive tarpaulins on the side of the road in the sunshine, quite a memory.

We thoroughly enjoyed our crazy time in Ubud, feeling like we had gained a real insight into the traditional Balinese way of life.  Next stop Gili Air, the only thing between us and there is a two hour boat ride!!