The First Step

Saying goodbye to loved ones is never easy, especially when you know you won’t see them for a while. 

We are both very fortunate to have awesome families and friends, it is because of their support and encouragement that this trip has been possible and for that we are super grateful, thank you to all. 

We left our hometown of Hereford bright and early yesterday morning to make the first step of our journey. 

When arriving at the station we bumped into one of Ally’s oldest friends, Gen. It was an awesome surprise and she really calmed our nerves after saying goodbye to family. 

We spent a glorious afternoon and evening catching up with friends and saying our goodbyes. You will all be missed.

Taking a trip like this makes you really appreciated those around you, and we hope to tell you about some great stories when we return. 

Until then it is time for the adventure to continue and our second step – Heathrow airport…