Hello, we are Edd and Ally, born and brought up in the hills of Herefordshire (UK) and up until recently we lived in Worcester. We are about to set off on our travels for the next six months heading to Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

To get a flavour of what we get up to, check out our video from 2015 – https://vimeo.com/167560168

In the summer of 2016 we got engaged 🙂 and decided that before we settle down we wanted to see more of the world with each other. This quote was the final inspiration for us to follow our dreams and take the plunge to travel:


We have been together for 6 years now and feel that we know each other pretty well. However, after spending the next 6 months on the road we are sure to learn things about each other that we didn’t know before – which is super exciting.

We are really looking forward to experiencing different places and cultures, and can’t wait to meet new people along the way. We hope this will be an adventure of a lifetime and can’t wait to see what we discover.

It’ll be awesome for you to join us on our journey.


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