Australia you’ve been cruisey!

How do you ever sum up a place that has exceeded expectations to such a huge extend…with a list of course! 

So here it goes:

> We have gone through over 2 litres of factor 50 suncream

> Seen 7 snakes between us

> Spent endless hours sunbaking on beaches

> Drank a ridiculous amount of coffee – Australia knows how to make a good cup!

> Taken 14 bus journeys some over 12 hours in length!

> Found our new favourite beer

> Realised the importance of surrounding yourself with people that make you feel good

> Surfed countless right hand point breaks 

> Encountered a thunderstorm that shook the whole house and defeaned us

> Travelled over 7000km 

> Broken or lost 3 pairs of sunglasses 

> Seen Red Back and White Tail spiders. 

> Drove our first Landcruiser 

> Learnt some Aussie slang – far out!

> Fed cockatoos 

> Narrowly avoided a tropical cyclone

> Met and made friends with people from all over the world. 
The list could go on and on, words simpler can’t describe our feelings and love towards this place. Our time down under has been filled with exploring new places, meeting new people and heaps of laughter – it’s been amazing. 

We leave Australia with a different outlook on life. The vastness of the landscape and attitude of the people has offered us a new perspective. Our appreciation for the small things that make us happy is stronger than ever and we will never be scared to chase our dreams.

We will definitely be back soon. 


3 thoughts on “Australia you’ve been cruisey!

  1. Wow, both of you -what an adventure you have had in Australia… We’ve followed your blog intently and it has left us moved by your words and photos. So proud and happy for you both. Loads love Mum and Daviff xx

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  2. What a wonderful post and journey – so pleased it’s been fantastic! If you are travelling back through London – come and stay?! xxx


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