The Glorious Grampians

We arrived back to Melbourne after our trip up the East Coast and seeing my Aussie family again felt like coming home.

The next morning we made our way to The Grampians. It is a rugged mountain range that rises abruptly from the surrounding plains. It certainly looked impressive as we approached on the drive. 

Throughout our travels we have been shocked to find out the stories of the aboriginal past. Our first stop was a beautiful park that celebrates the aboriginal culture and tells stories of the past and hopes for the future, it was super positive. That afternoon we headed up into the mountains and had some incredible views, Edd decided to take a seat on the edge too. 

The next morning we were up super early, it was Jem and Edd’s idea to see sunrise over the mountains. A bit blurry eyed we headed to the balconies, which is a cool lookout over the national park. Watching the sun rise across the mountains was stunning and really special to share with the family.

Mackenzie Falls was the next stop. After a short walk we reached the base of the fall, it was spectacular. Edd decided to take a swim, despite the cold water temperature. He managed to get under the falling water and was battered by the downpour. He started quite a trend and lots more guys decided to go in!

We had heard that it was possible to feed local cockatoos by hand at the property we were staying at, however after several attempts at leaving food out nothing had appeared yet. Then all of a sudden my uncle called us and there were several  cockatoos munching away on the food we had left for them. The next thing we knew we were outside and the birds were eating out of our hands, they were so gentle despite their huge sharp looking beaks. All was going well until a kookaburra arrived and the cockatoos flew off.

Our final stop was to see some aboriginal cave paintings. The rock formation was incredible with natural caves, I could so imagine aboriginal tribes sat up their watching out across the land. 

The cave paintings we saw were the hand prints of 8 year old aboriginal children. It was quite amazing and quite eerie at the same time. It is thought the prints dated back to between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago, incredible! 

It was an amazing few days and super special to spend it with the Australian family. Jem, Kate, Thalia, Maya and Indi – you have been the most welcoming hosts, myself and Edd thank you so much for making our travels in Australia the best three months of our lives. 


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