The Great Barrier Reef Slip

It was an early 7am set off from Cairns Harbour and a two hour boat ride to the outer Great. Barrier Reef. The sea was super choppy on the way out and we were getting drenched by the waves crashing into the helm of the boat, which was great fun.

Once suited up in full body stinger suits, flippers and snorkel we headed out for a 2 hour guided tour of the reef. The colour of the corals and size of the ecosystem was breathtaking. The fish were in abundance, in all different colours and sizes, we even saw a white tipped Reef shark swim on by. Looking into the underwater world was mesmerising. 

In the afternoon we sailed to a different part of the reef and snorkelled for another couple of hours. The time seemed to fly by whilst snorkelling in the turquoise maze of coral.

To celebrate our amazing day snorkelling the crew gave us each cheese, biscuits and a glass of wine. In my race to get to the wine I slipped on a piece of lettuce and all of a sudden was heading straight for the big blue ocean! 

Thankfully I managed to grab onto some railing and stop myself from being a woman overboard, but my legs were definitely flailing around in mid air. Edd missed the whole event as he was busy taking photos in the other direction. Thankfully the captain came and saved me and I got my glass of wine, phew.


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