Port ‘Dougie’

Port Douglas is a small business beautiful coastal town situated 60km north of Cairns. It would also mark the furthest north up the East Coast we would get on our Aussie journey.

Upon arrival we were made aware that a croc was in the area and that it had eaten a pet dog – uh oh, North Queensland seemed to get more extreme by the minute!
After finding our way around the local town we were treated to an incredible sunset over the mountains whilst we sat in a semicircle of huge palm trees looking out across the sea – it was paradise!

The humidity up here was stifling and after spending most of the next day lying in the sun and keeping a watch out for the croc we had to buy ice cream to cool down.

On our final day we rented two bikes from our hostel and cycled into town to grab a coffee. It was at this point I realised that the brakes on my bike didn’t work and Edd pointed out that my back wheel was completely buckled. Coming to a stop was interesting to say the least. 

After getting our caffeine levels up we headed onto the beach and cycled the four miles to the end. 

It was certainly the first time either of us had cycled on sand, it was awesome! An amazing way to spend our last day on an East Coast beach. 


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