Nervous times in Cairns

We were pretty anxious when arriving into Cairns – a tropical cyclone warning had been issued, with early predictions showing it was heading our way. We nervously watched for weather updates. 

Thankfully we weren’t affected, as it went further South a few days before making landfall. It was scary though and we really feel for the local communities and those we have met along the way that were affected. We hope the recovery process is quick.

The wait for cyclone news meant we had a few more days than anticipated to explore Cairns, which was no bad thing. We had heard about Rustys fruit and veg market and were wowed by how incredible it was. There was fresh locally grown fruit and veg everywhere, I was literally in heaven. Edd was too as there were so many free samples of avocado and mango to try.

The fresh produce seems to be on another taste sensation level here! It was amazing to stop and sit down with a coffee in amongst the chaos of the market and watch people go about their everyday routines.

Edd was really struggling with the concept that there were no waves up here. But I guess the name The Great Barrier Reef is quite a big indicator that it’ll be flat. 

In a desperate search for a wave we walked 45 minutes out of town so that Eddie could try Flowrider (an artificial wave). The heat was staggering on the way there and we kept diverting into shops to cool down in the air con. 

Watching Edd have a go at Flowrider was cool, but it looked so painful when he fell off and was slammed into the back wall. He picked it up quiet quick though and had a great time. 

Cairns was turning out to be an awesome little city. The nearby beaches were stunning and we enjoyed a great day at the aptly named Palm Cove. The sunset was glorious there too.

One evening we had a big shock when we were greeted by the sight or hundreds of bats flying through the town. We found out this is a nightly ritual. Cairns was full of awesome surprises and turned out to be super fun. 


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