Playing in Paradise 

We didn’t quite know what to expect from Mission Beach, but what we came away with was three seriously fun and super cruisy days. 

It wasn’t that we did a huge amount during our stay there, but that was the simple and pure joy of it. 

Our days were spent relaxing on the beach and swinging from palm trees. Daring one another to climb further up the trunks. We felt completely free and relaxed from all responsibility. 

It’s the most paradise-looking beach we’ve ever been. There’s just one slight hiccup however, you can’t go in the water for fear of the crocs and stingers, ouch. A painful fact to swallow when all you want to do is jump in to cool off. But that was only a fly in the ointment, we loved this place. 

The palms also provided heaps of opportunities for interesting photos, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Being in new places and situations during this trip has really inspired my photography. I hope to continue my journey with this and start selling prints, please give my Facebook page a like for details coming soon 


2 thoughts on “Playing in Paradise 

  1. Crazy palm trees and stunning skies both. It looks a blissful place and you really do look at ease with yourselves. Keep on chilling!

    Hope NZ isn’t to cold after our little chat on Sunday, just get those base layers out the backpacks!! Love daviff xx

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