Hitching on ‘Maggie’

A short ferry ride from Townsville took us to Magnetic Island – affectionately known by the locals as ‘Maggie’ – a beautiful boulderous island off Townsville. 

We first headed to the north of the island, near Horseshoe Bay and found our Air BnB. It was a beautiful vibrant house and our hosts were so relaxed and welcoming, just what we needed as we were feeling pretty exhausted.

The next morning we hitchhiked to Nelly Bay, having a great chat to some fellow backpackers on route. The landscape was amazing and the bays just looked idyllic…if only we could swim in the turquoise waters! 

It was hot and sticky as we walked to Picnic Bay. We knew there was a stinger net here so we couldn’t wait to get in the water. Alas it was 29C so it felt like we were getting into a bath, providing little relief. After a lazy afternoon sunbaking, we hitched back to our Air BnB with a really genuine lady and had another good chin wag. 

The next day we took a more adventurous walk through the bush to little known Balding Bay. The path seemed to evaporate as we walked further into the bush and soon we were climbing over rocks. 

When we finally arrived the beach looked amazing. However the view was slightly ruined when we saw a guy butt naked clambering over the rocks. We later found out that it was a non-official nudist beach. I can confirm we didn’t participate.

On the walk back, I saw a snake just as I put my foot down. I absolutely legged it! Eddie was amazing and calmed me down and got us out of there safely. Our hosts told us it was probably a tree snake and the ones you want to worry about are death adders, what a delightful name!!

We really enjoyed our time on Maggie and didn’t want to leave, but the rest of the East Coast was calling and it was time to hit the road to the next destination.

Air BnB has been amazing during our time in Australia and taking us to some unique places. Meeting locals and getting their perspective on the world is eye opening. For anyone that would like to try Air BnB you can sign up through our link below and get £30 off your first stay, a sweet deal – http://abnb.me/e/nBH4KjD43B


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