Were we dreaming while at The Whitsundays?!

Have you ever done something or been somewhere and it felt completely unreal once you had reflected on it? This was the exact feeling we had after visiting the Whitsundays. 

Along with 20 others we set sail from Airlie Beach and headed out to the beautiful maze of islands. As we to got know our new pals onboard, we were treated to a beautiful sky as the sun melted into the horizon. 

After an awesome meal we noticed that the sea had become more choppy and we could see lightening in the distance. Our crew went into survival mode and relocated us to a more sheltered bay. We set up our bed for a night under the stars – probably the best nights sleep in ages.

It was an early start the next morning ready for our first snorkel of the trip. The visibility wasn’t great as it had rained the night before but we still saw lots of fish and it was our first sight of the Great Barrier Reef.

Next stop was Whitehaven Beach, a place that is ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. We were a little nervous on the ride there as it was cloudy, we had spoken so much about seeing it in the sunshine.

However almost as soon as we moored up nearby the clouds parted and miraculously the sun shone down. We’re sure the good karma from our time in Agnes Water had something to do with it (see the previous post).

Stepping onto the beach itself after a walk of great anticipation through the bush was like floating into multicoloured dream world. To say the sand was white is an understatement – it was like nothing we had seen before! 

We were both amazed by how beautiful it was and also how fortunate we were to have it almost to ourselves. It was fairly late in the afternoon and most other boats had come and gone. It felt like our own slice of paradise for that amazing afternoon. 

 The lookout above the beach was the crowning glory of the trip. The swirling patterns of sand and blue turquoise water were surreal. It was interesting to learn that the patterns change every day. 

The whole experience still feels like a crazy colourful vivid dream and we’ve got an overwhelming urge to go back. Just to double check that it was definitely real… 


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