Good Karma at Agnes Water

Agnes Water is a sleepy little surfer town, and the most northern place you can surf on the East Coast. We spent most of our days relaxing on the beaches there, while reminiscing about the last few weeks and catching up on sleep. 

However it was really sad to see the amount of rubbish and plastic that had washed up on the sand. Particularly because the beach was covered in heaps of awesome shells. It made you realise how much humans can effect our beautiful and fragile planet. 

We felt it was time to give something back to Australia and keep the good karma flowing. So we spent a couple of productive afternoons collecting as much trash off the beach as we could. We even found a glass that with a good wash found a new home at our hostel. 

The hostel was super relaxed and ran by some really chilled hippy guys – their positive easy going attitudes certainly rubbed off on us and we will take that with us. 


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