K’gari – Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach

From the minute we stepped off the bus at Rainbow Beach we felt relaxed and at ease. This place was definitely more our style. After being in Noosa for over a week this small little place was super cruisy and the hostel couldn’t have been better.

The cliffs on the main beach were a spectacular array of coloured sands which seemed to take on different shades depending on how the light fell upon them. 

It was a 7am start the next day. Eddie drove our Land Cruiser first down the beach, our group had lovingly named it Blueberry (you can tell that we were a car of mostly girls).

The experience of driving on sand was crazy! It’s like being on ice at times, the car slipping and sliding all over the place. Then all of a sudden the tyres grab traction from previous tyre marks and you pick up speed super quick.

It was then my turn to drive us inland to Lake Mackenzie. It was amazing driving through the rainforest the track was so bumpy, all we could do was laugh when the car threw us all around.

Lake Mackenzie was beautiful, with crystal clear waters and white sands. It was so nice relaxing and swimming there and getting to know the group, who we were now so fond of.

After some more exploring we were driving along the track when the front car came to a halt. Our guide Ado jumped out. He was the most chilled out and knowledgable guy you could imagine, with dreds and a glorious beard. All of a sudden he picked up a snake by the tail. It was a huge Carpet Python and it didn’t seem too happy and slithered up the bank. When we drove past we very quickly opened the window to glimpse a look, it was easily 3 metres long, before I put my the foot on the gas.

Our bush camp was awesome, with little two man tents, a camp kitchen and seating area. That night we played some drinking games and an awesome French guy named Thomas tried to teach Eddie to dance.

The next day there were a few sore heads around the camp, but we set off to explore the Champagne Pools, Indian Head and went for a swim down Eli Creek.

It was an early start on our final morning 6.30am, with the cars all packed and the camp clean we headed to Lake Warby. The lake is full of little tiny fish that come and nibble at your feet. At first this freaked me out, but by the end of it I quite liked the feeling. 

We so didn’t want the trip to end we had so many laughs and met some incredible people. Once back at the hostel we all decided to go sand boarding. It was so much fun sliding down the huge sand banks, while watching everyone else and hearing them giggling. We were lucky enough to have an awesome sunset to round off an amazing few days.

Thank you to all those on our Fraser trip, it was so much fun and the endless laughs still make us giggle now. The aboriginal name for Fraser Island is K’gari, which means Paradise, that’s certainly true. 


2 thoughts on “K’gari – Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach

  1. Wow you were on the other side of the island, but swimming in that lake was amazing you came out so soft have fun your pics are amazing, we will be able to compete, no-one is interested if I get them out

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