We’re currently writing this at our hostel in Cairns. Reflecting on our time in Noosa, over a month ago, now feels like a world away from up here in Northern Queensland. Cyclone Debbie is on the way and is currently forecast to hit land south of us tomorrow, only a week ago we were in this area. It really makes you feel quite small knowing how powerful and destructive nature can be. We just hope it’s not as bad as forecast and wish all those affected the best, including those we’ve met. 

Back to the topic in hand – Noosa. We decided to spend just over a week relaxing in this picture postcard looking coastal community. We had heard plenty of good things about it and many had told us it was like a posh Byron Bay, which turned out to be pretty true. 

It’s definitely a place where you need money, but even being on a backpackers budget we still managed to find plenty of fun things to do. 

One of our highlights was taking a walk through the national park along the coastal path. We passed beautiful bays that were draped in awesome looking pandanus palm trees, each one calling out for a swim. 
Eventually we came to Hells Gate and here we spotted an eagle and more amazingly in the water there were turtles. The waves were huge and the turtles seemed so calm in comparison, bobbing up every so often for some air and then diving back down. 

Carrying on our walk we spotted the ‘fairy pools’, which we had heard so much about. They were glorious crystal clear rock pools and were like nothing I had ever seen before. The water was alive with multi coloured fish and crabs crawling around at the bottom. One beautiful fish had horizontal yellow and black stripes. It was mesmerising to watch.

The following day Eddie had an amazing surf at Tea Tree Bay after days of eyeing up the point break and waiting for the swell to come good.

His face was beaming with excitement when he got out of the water, he’d had a really good surf. We decided to spend the rest of the day down there but whilst clambering over the rocks, I spotted a snake weaving its way across the rocks heading our way! All was okay but it was a bit of a scare. 

Our Air Bnb host we were staying with was kind enough to take us to some awesome spots. One afternoon we went kayaking down the river, which was lined with huge and expensive properties. Afterwards we climbed a nearby mountain for sunset and then had bonfire back at the house, all great fun. 

Edd read in Lonely Planet that Noosa is an expensive playground for the wealthy, but importantly the beach, sea and landscape will always be free. This fact was true and we found pleasure here by not spending much money at all. 

Apart from our everyday living costs the only money we really spent was on a coffee at nearby Eumundi, which was well worth it.


2 thoughts on “Noosa

  1. Hi both, the coastline looks fantastic and weather you have been lucky. Edd your surfing skills need perfecting in water ‘mate’!! or is it a new dry land surfing craze. Hope your well out the way of the Cyclone, it sounds that way. We’re looking forward to meeting up in NZ in two months or so! Love Daviff xxxx

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