Keeping it Cooly 

Last year while camping down in Cornwall we met an Aussie guy living near Lands End. He was really interested in our upcoming trip and was kind enough to recommend a few East Coast stops. One of these was Coolangatta, or Cooly as it’s better known. 

Similar to Coffs Harbour we were pretty much the only ones to get off at this stop. Had we made the right choice to follow the advice we were given? 

After spending 10 days in Byron it was quite a shock to be in such a different environment. Byron consists of low rise buildings and plenty of vegetation, so it feels very natural, particularly when you are down the beach. In Cooly it was a very different story, high rise buildings were in abundance. Instead of mountains in the distance we could now see the sky scrapers of Surfers Paradise on the horizon. 

It took a bit of time to adjust, but the next morning we felt more comfortable and really started to enjoy it. The amazing sunsets definitely helped too.

Coolangatta is situated right next to Snapper Rocks and Kirra – both of which are world famous surf spots. We spent one afternoon watching and the standard of surfing was ridiculously high. You could sense the competitive atmosphere in the water, certainly a contrast to the laid back vibes in Byron. 

After spending the day chilling round the corner from Snapper Rocks I decided to hire a board the next day and head in for a surf at Kirra. With the board under my arm and strolling down to the shore it was quite astonishing to see how clear and turquoise the water was.  

As I jumped in the water I immediately noticed the warmth. Wearing a wetsuit now seems a distance memory. It was a glorious surf, and amazing to think I was surfing at such a famous spot. 

We’re super pleased we stopped at Cooly, it’s amazing to experience the contrast in areas as we make our way up the coast. If only we could thank the Aussie guy now living in Cornwall… you never know he might see this one day. 


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