Byron Bay – Cheer up, slow down, chill out. 

Byron Bay, for me a place that conjures up images of hippies, awesome surf and perfect golden beaches. I’m so happy to report that the place exceeds these expectations in every way, it’s amazing and very special.  

We stepped off the coach after a relatively short journey from Yamba. As we struggled with our oversized rucksacks through the town almost immediately you could feel the vibe. This sign on the way into town sums it up well ‘Cheer up, slow down, chill out’.

Sure it was busy, with backpackers, holiday makers and locals but there was a relaxation and happiness in the air that was hard to describe. More often than not people would stop to say hi or smile as you walk past and there was an overwhelming sense of calm amongst the relative chaos. This place felt right for us.

An early 5am start followed the next morning with a 45 minute walk to the lighthouse. It’s the most easterly point of Australia so we would be the first people in the country to see the sunrise. Unfortunately Mother Nature was not on our side with the horizon full of clouds. We purposely didn’t go to the rock signifying the most easternly point so we knew we would have to come back. 

The beaches surrounding Byron are simply incredible. Whilst strolling down the main beach the town becomes hidden and all of a sudden you are in a tropical paradise. It is a visual delight and hard to take in, not for the first time while being in Australia I didn’t know whether to take photos or stare in disbelieve. Usually a muddled combination of the two occurred. 

We’ve heard about the ‘Byron Bubble’ -the effect of staying longer than intended. It’s fair to say we are now in the bubble and it’s going to be hard to get out of it.  

Keep an eye on the blog, we intend to post a few more times about beautiful Byron, including our adventures climbing Mount Warning, surfing the Pass and seeing sunrise at the lighthouse.


4 thoughts on “Byron Bay – Cheer up, slow down, chill out. 

  1. God where the hell do you start!! The colours are so vibrant and the skies so big! I really did get what you meant about finding a cool vibe to it all, it looks bliss and utter tranquility. Just off to Aberdovey gallery here & it’s as foggy as anything and rather mizzly, but warm……such a difference…..but you can find a magic anywhere I guess!

    It does look very quiet on the beaches and so restful. I like your leaning tree again, you have got a thing about trees with character Edd. Enjoy soaking up the peaceful vibes in Byron! Love daviff x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank boyo, magic can be found anywhere you are right.
      Byron was stunning, we left this morning after 10 amazing days.
      We had a stunning sunset on the final night, will send you some photos. Hope all is good with you and Mum,
      Love Edd & Ally x


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