Our next choice of stop up the East Coast of Aus was Yamba. We spent three easy going days here. 

It had been described to us as the Byron Bay of 20 years ago and in terms of the pace of life that seemed about right. Shops closed at four or five in the afternoon, kids skateboarded through the streets and everyone seemed pretty horizontal. 

We found the setup of the town slightly strange as it was situated in a dip, therefore to get to any of the beaches you had to walk up a hill. This is almost the opposite to what you expect and experience everywhere else.  

The beaches were awesome though – once you’d sweated your way up the hills – and we spent most our time relaxing on them. The main beach had an ocean pool carved into the rocks, which was great to float in while watching the surfers do their thing. 

Pippi beach was by far our favourite and we spent an amazing day here watching some insanely huge waves. Surfers that were brave to go in seemed to make conquering the mountains of water look easy. We also saw the best surfers of all here, dolphins. Who made it look even easier while jumping out the water at the same time. It was inspiring. 


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