Sydney strolling

After saying our goodbyes in Melbourne we caught the night bus to Sydney. Once we arrived it immediately struck us how much more humid it was – Edd’s brow was beading almost immediately.

Sydney’s architecture is a lot older in comparison to Melbourne and doesn’t follow the block road system that we had become used to. We were slightly dazed, confused and sleep deprived initially. 

After checking into the hostel we went for a stroll around Kings Cross and before we had time to think we were sat in a travel shop booking up trips. We cannot wait for the adventures ahead though and they were definitely on our buck list to do, so to have them locked and loaded is great. 

You can’t come to Sydney without seeing the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It’s amazing how close both these famous structures are to each other. When we walked over the Bridge I couldn’t quite believe that 10 years previous I had actually climbed the Bridge to the top! 

In the evening we went for a stroll to Mrs Macquaries Point to see the Bridge and Opera House lit up at night. On the way back we happened to walk past an open air cinema and decided to sit down on the steps and watch. It was surreal to be watching a film whilst looking at the iconic buildings and be surrounds by huge fruit bats flying between the trees.

Next stop Bondi beach for some surfing, sun baking and catching up with friends.


One thought on “Sydney strolling

  1. Edd and Ally,
    What a city, I can’t wait to visit it soon with Daviff !
    Great photos and we are so enjoying reading your blog. Loads of love, Mum and Daviff xx

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