Nightjar Festival 

This post is slightly out of sync but the experience was too good to miss out. 

After a long windy journey back North along the Great Ocean Road we headed to Torquay for the Nightjar Festival and met up with my Australian family.

We couldn’t wait to tell them about all the places we had seen and our stories from the previous few days on The Great Ocean Road. The excitement of the adventure was pouring out of us.

The Nightjar was a mix of live music, street food, jewellery and clothes stores.  Walking into the festival there was a super relaxed atmosphere and it struck us how friendly everyone was.

We ate some delicious Balinease and Sri Lankan food. Which wetted our appetite for a few months time, when we head over to Bali. 

To end the festival an awesome band played, with didgeridoo included, and really got the crowd dancing. My cousins went wild for it and were pulling some crazy shapes.

On the walk back to the car a crowd had gathered by a tree, there was a Ring Tailed Possum climbing it. It was super cool to see and I was surprised by how small it was.

A super fun evening. Australia is full of surprises. 


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