Road Tripping – The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of those places that you have heard and seen a lot about before you even arrive. This sometimes can make you wonder if a place can become over hyped or live up to expectations. 

From the moment we rounded the first bend my worries that it might be too good to be true were left behind, wow – what a journey it was! 

Going south the route winds for a seemingly endless distance through breathtaking landscape. Rainforest stretches over the hills away from the coast, and brilliant blue crashing waves batter the cliffs and beaches to the left. It is like driving through a glorious multicolour painting. Constantly I kept nudging Ally to say ‘I can’t believe the colour of the water’, I must of said it 50 times.

The Australian’s luckily had the foresight to build plenty of lay-bys into the route and it is almost painful to drive by one without stopping. When we did stop, the car doors swang open and we would run to the edge to gaze in astonishment at what lay ahead. We were super lucky to have bright sunshine for the whole route and it was difficult to actually take all the beauty in. Often I was fumbling with my camera or GoPro to try and record the moment, but nothing can beat the mind and the memories it now holds. 

The beaches and coves we passed were unreal. Choosing which to stop at was near impossible. We would be concerned that we’d missed our chance or the best one had gone, but mile after mile of almost untouched paradise unbelievably kept coming. 

The jewel in the crown and the climax to our drive was reaching the 12 Apostles for sunset. We checked in at our campsite near Cape Otway and thankfully made it without a moment to spare. The sheer size of the cliffs and remaining apostles was far greater than any photo had prepared me for, at the first glance I froze in amazement.  We found a secluded spot and watched the sun melt slowly into the horizon. 

The journey down the Great Ocean Road made me realise that regardless of your impressions gained before being somewhere, nothing at all can ever replace being there in person and experiencing it first hand. That drive will live long in the memory, it’s a truly incredible memorial to those Australian World War I soliders, hats off to them. 


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