Today is the day… in a land far away

Today it is six years since myself and Ally have been together. It’s been an awesome journey so far and I could never of imagined that we’d be in Australia 6 years ago to the day.

We spotted some signs at an Opportunity Store (Charity Shop) that read ‘today is the day…in a land far away’ and they seemed rather appropriate. After a strong coffee we spotted another fitting sign. 

The rest of the day was spent exploring. We found an awesome wooden pier, set against stunning turquoise hues. 

We are currently in Ocean Grove, which is a small coastal town to the North of the Great Ocean Road. For the first time since landing in Aus we’ve had a couple of beach days, which has been incredible. Being at the beach is something we both love and share a passion for. 
Ally’s family kindly took us to one of their nearby favourites. Walking through the dunes I was buzzing with excitement to see what was ahead. After the final climb a glorious sandy bay was laid out before us. Turquoise waves were lined up like curdory, groomed by the gentle offshores, while surfers danced across the faces. All being well I plan to surf there in a few days time. 

I’m stunned by the beauty of the coast wherever I am in the world, but Australia really is setting a new level.  

I hope that in another 6 years time we will both be sat on a beach talking about this adventure 6 years previous. 


4 thoughts on “Today is the day… in a land far away

  1. So good to read your blog and I have to agree with Jim the last picture is amazing -point of infinity Edd !
    I want to know if you bought anything from the Charity Shop ?

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