Phillip Island

After our visit to Wilsons Prom, we travelled North with the setting sun and spent a night at an Air BnB property. The only interruption on the journey a wallaby in the road, it was great to stop and see him hop away safely. 

We both woke after our best nights sleep yet (I think the jet lag has finally faded) and our Australian host made us both a delicious omelette each. She was really friendly and welcoming, like most Australians we have met so far. We sat outside to eat breakfast while staring into the beautiful natural landscape before us. It was one of those moments I told myself to make a mental note of.

After saying our goodbyes we set off up the coast and eventually crossed the bridge over to Phillip Island, which is about two hours south of Melbourne.  

Phillip Island is most famously known for the tiny fairy penguins that visit each night.  However our main focus of the day was to visit the beautiful beaches.  We hopped from beach to beach amazed by the golden sands and turquoise waters. Each one with pumping surf and perfect vistas, exciting Eddie’s desire to get in the water. 

After lunch and with a belly full of sushi we headed to a local beach to catch some rays and finally had a quick dip in the southern ocean – so refreshing! 

We were keen to see the penguins at Phillip Island, but the price was hard to swallow. We therefore came up with a cunning money saving plan. We had seen signs at St Kilda during our previous visit advising penguins visiting there, and it was available to watch for free – a deal too good to turn down. 

The plan was to reach the pier at St Kilda by dusk. We arrived in the nick of time, slightly later than we planned as Edd was keen to get his first barrel, see the photo below.

We hurried to the end of St Kilda pier under the setting sun, where quite a crowd had gathered. We spent the next hour watching the tiny fairy penguins come in. Some jumping up the rocks and preening their feathers right beneath our feet. They seemed oblivious to the admiring crowds watching on in amazement. An awesome experience to round off an inspiring couple of days.

I really like this quote and think it is rather fitting after a couple of quieter days near Melbourne to collect our thoughts:

“Adventure can be whatever makes you smile. It is often circumstance that makes an adventure, not a place or an action.”


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