Adventure in the South

Everyone has a different definition of adventure and searches for it in different ways. Since starting our travels I have learnt that allowing things to happen naturally in this amazing new environment is an adventure in itself and it is certainly not something that has to be bought or actively searched for. Being free of home comforts and habits allows adventure to find us, not for us to find it. 

We took a road trip this week to the most southerly point of mainland Australia, Wilsons Promontory or ‘The Prom’ as the locals call it. It was like driving into the set of Jurassic Park. Rolling mountains covered with tropical trees as far as the eye could see, that only gave way to white sandy beaches and stunning turquoise water. 

For me it was what I hoped to discover on the East coast of Australia before we arrived. I was completely mesmerised and awestruck. 

The highlight of our time in this area was the climb up Mount Oberon, one of the highest peaks on The Prom. For Ally this was a true adventure, overcoming her worries about the ‘active’ wildlife and fear of height, I was super proud of her.

The walk was a steep and sweaty hour climb through dense forest. Once breaking the tree line the bottom of a rocky outcrop was reached, only at this point was a hint of the incredible view seen.

The final ascent is a narrow, tight and rocky scramble. The true reward only revealed once reaching the summit, a breathtaking view stretched out before our eyes. 360 degrees of visual joy that one could only dream of. The clouds creating shadows over the vast landscape.

The pure sense of achievement, excitement and fulfilment is hard to describe in words. It felt like our adventure had reached a new level. 

The summit and our reaction after reaching the top

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