After many a movie watched and attempted sleep on the plane, we have made it – touch down in Melbourne Australia! 

During the flight Ally decided to adopt the unconventional ‘nodding dog’ technique while trying to fall asleep, each time waking herself up. Eventually we found enough pillows to prop her head up on my shoulder. 

The highlight was seeing the sunrise over the east coast of Australia, Ally spotted it and woke me to say, it was an awesome sight. 

Ally’s family welcomed us into their home and we had a great day with her young cousins. The day started with breakfast, although to us it felt like dinner, and was rounded off with an awesome sunset walk to spot some kangaroos. A real treat for the first day here. The landscape is amazing in this area, the first thing that took my breathe away were the trees, especially the one in the photo below.

We’ve only been here a day so far but Australia is everything we each remembered it to be – we can’t wait for the next few months ahead…


5 thoughts on “G’day

    1. Thanks for the comment Bro – it’s been a day of planning and researching today as Ally hasn’t felt too good, we think it’s real bad jet lag. It has given us time to find other areas to see, so all good.


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