The Dilemma of Packing

For me packing has always been somewhat of a challenge. My tactic is to usually leave it until the last minute, which results in what Ally has branded ‘Panic Packing’. Panic packing is the act of jamming as much in a bag as possible for any given situation that may occur over the time you are away. My hobbies also require plenty of equipment, such as surfing and photography, which doesn’t help my cause. What results is a heavy and over packed amount of luggage.

However with our fast approaching longterm trip I have had to adopt somewhat of a different approach – ‘packing light’. One of my first dilemmas was what to do about my photography equipment, as it would be one of the heavy and bulkier items I would take. I usually shot with a Canon DSLR and have an array of lens. I had always thought that I would take this with me. However then I thought about the weight and worry involved with leaving equipment lying around in hostels, so I bravely stepped out my comfort zone and purchased a compact camera.


My choice was the Fujifilm X70, which is a fraction of the size and weight of my other kit. I’ve had the camera a few months, and so far it’s been fantastic. All my recent Instagram shots are taken with it –  It does however have it’s quirks, such as a fixed lens with no zoom, but I relish the thought of experimenting with it while away.

The other big eye opener in the packing challenge has been the approach of packing light itself. For me this isn’t easy, but I’ve had to be strict with myself. The last thing I want is to be burdened by a heavy bag. Although time will tell if three tshirts, two pairs of shorts and one shirt will be enough…


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