Preparing for our Travels

It feels like we have been planning this trip for years. It’s something we have talked and dreamed about since we first met. But now, finally the time is upon us to pack our bags!

We have read blog after blog of what to pack and where to visit, and written many a list of all the things we need to buy and sort before leaving the UK.

The time for research is now over. A rough itinerary and route is set, but we anticipate this will change as we travel. Our plan is to tick off items from the bucket list but also see where the wind takes us – although I will be leaving the bungee jumping to Edd.

It feels like Edd will never actually pack his bag as he always finds something to add to the list each time. Plus those of you who know him will know that he is not one for being ready early and is a bit of a last minute Larry!

We hope to keep you updated when we can along the way throughout our journey on this blog. We will also be posting photos of us jumping and floating on our instagram page – , plus Edd loves a good sunset so I am sure there will be plenty of photos of those.

Next stop Melbourne, Australia – the place we have talked about visiting together for so long, we can’t quite believe it’s happening – see you there!

Ally & Edd x